About Us

Just as a rich fabric starts out as a humble thread, Texport International Pvt. Ltd. began its journey in the year 1985 as a manufacturer and Exporter of Woven and Knitted Garments with manufacturing units in and around Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Through the years, we have grown into a force to be reckoned with. TIPL today has a production capacity of 1,80,000 pieces per month and our core strength lies in our fabric division, which sources various fabrics such as – Cotton, Polyester , Viscose , Modal, Cotton Polyester, Cotton Viscose, Cotton Modal, Polyester Viscose blended with slubs and spandex. Also, we do woven fabrics such as Voile, Poplin, Crepe, Cambrics, Yarn Dyed, Double weave plaid, Viscose Crinkle, Cotton Crinkle etc. Along with this we have a very competent design team who are constantly turning out new and varied prints and embellished designs in keeping with current market trends. These are then developed into samples by our printing and embroidery teams within a time frame of 48 hours.

Certifications :

We have an in-house printing and embroidery unit, cutting edge machinery for dyeing, brushing and computer colour matching as well as testing facilities. We have an in-house sampling unit and showrooms for our garments and fabrics where customers can browse through various different products

Our forte lies in Value added tees for the woman of today who demands comfort and quality along with style.

The making of a fabric from delicate fibers is a precise and scientific process and as creative as a work of art. At T.I.P.L, we believe that it is not just the quality of the yarn that determines the quality of the fabric. It is also the quality of our people who along-with technology weave into the fabric a heritage of artistry. It is the very reason every man at T.I.P.L. is a skilled professional.

Our quality control standard is of the highest level with AQL 2.5 followed for every shipment with in-line checking at every stage.

The quality culture filters down from the top, throughout the organization. Every senior executive is directly involved in the planning and evaluation of quality. Man and machine work in tandem. State-of-the-art technology processes and imaginative minds produce a fabric with unique character. And our vertical integration makes every delivery deadline possible as we absolutely do not believe in or allow late shipments. In addition to this and knowing that the fashion industry is a fast changing one, we do very quick turn-arounds of 45 – 60 days when required by the customers.

We have a rapidly expanding garment division that caters to the off-the-rack generation. Designer cuts and the latest lines of readymade garments have helped us to carve a niche for ourselves in the world of garment exports. T.I.P.L. has epitomized quality and set new benchmarks in garment manufacturing.

The dynamic new generation has infused vigor and finesse into the operations of TIPL. The pace has been set by them with the inception of the latest High Speed Juki Stitching / Cutting Machines. A design team churns out world-class designs in fabrics from the ultra-modern in-house Design Studio.

In T.I.P.L., man and machine work in tandem to create a fabric and Garment with unique character.

The challenges in terms of increasing production to match with the increased demand, has been adequately addressed. T.I.P.L. has over 400 skilled professionals working under the able guidance of 8 professionally qualified successful managers.

At T.I.P.L. we are passionate about the following:

  • To achieve higher quality standards
  • To Ensure on time deliveries
  • To provide prompt service
  • To excel in customer satisfaction
Our team at T.I.P.L. is driven with a vision, determination and a will to succeed.